FAQ LaLiga Fantasy MARCA

How do I register with LaLiga Fantasy MARCA?

Registering with LaLiga Fantasy is very easy, choose between subscribing with Facebook or entering an email and password. After this an email will come through to activate your account and from then you can start playing!

How do I create a league in LaLiga Fantasy MARCA?

Once you have entered LaLiga Fantasy MARCA you can create a new league and invite your friends using Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS or entering the emails of those you want to invite.

There are several types of competition:

  • Public League: It’s an open competition where users join randomly
  • Private League: It’s a closed competition accessed through invitation
  • Sponsored League: Competition that brings together all the excitement of LaLiga Fantasy MARCA as well as prizes from its main sponsors. It can be public or private, depending what the user who created the competition chooses.

How do I join a competition in LaLiga Fantasy MARCA?

If a user has invited you to join a league, you will receive an email, a Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter invitation or an SMS with the name of the competition and a password to access it.

It’s not compulsory for you to be invited to a competition to enjoy LaLiga Fantasy MARCA. Join a public league and start managing your squad from day one!

I can’t remember my password

If you forget the password that you signed up with for LaLiga Fantasy MARCA click "Remember Password" and we'll send an e-mail so you can set your new password.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes you can have more than one account on LaLiga Fantasy MARCA. Also, remember that with the same user (email address or Facebook) can participate in several leagues. It is important to clarify that only one user can have only one account open while logged in. To change user you will have to CLOSE SESSION from the CONFIGURATION menu and enter with another user name.

Beware of managing two users in the same league as we could remove them to avoid cheatings!

How can I contact LaLiga Fantasy MARCA?

For questions, clarification or improvement proposals you can write directly to laligafantasymarca@play.laliga.es or through our Facebook .

Can I invite friends to LaLiga Fantasy MARCA?

Yes, you can invite friends by entering their e-mail or through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or SMS.

To do this, visit the section MY LEAGUES and CREATE LEAGUE; or with a league already created from the icon INVITE FRIENDS on the TABLE screen.

How are Fantasy Points calculated?

The Fantasy Points are calculated based on system ‘TRUE LIVE STATS’:

  • Real actions that occur in each match of Liga Santander and are collected in the official statistics of the competition. These actions translate into Fantasy Points which add up to rank each player in the game.
  • Ratings given by journalists of MARCA in relation to the performance of players in games.

The list of actions that score or subtract Fantasy Points is as follows:

Match played < 60 min 1
Match played > 60 min 2
Defense goal / goalkeeper GK/DF 6
Centre Midfield goal MD 5
Forward goal ST 4
Goal Assist Last pass that resulted in a goal, deflections may not count as goal assist. 3
Big chance created Last pass that resulted in a clear occasion in which a goal could have been scored 1
Clean Sheet (Goalkeeper) Having played >60 mins 4
Clean Sheet (Defense) Having played >60 mins 4
Clean Sheet (Midfield) Having played >60 mins 2
Clean Sheet (Striker) Having played >60 mins 1
Penalty Missed Regardless of player position -2
Penalty Saved The goalkeeper intercedes in detention 5
Penalty Caused Regardless of player position 2
Goals Conceded Goalkeeper/Defense EVERY 2 -2
Goals Conceded Midfield/Striker EVERY 2 -1
Yellow Card Regardless of player position -1
Second Yellow Regardless of player position -1
Direct Red Card Regardless of player position -3
Goalkeeper Saves EVERY 2 1
Points MARCA It depends on the scores given by journalists from MARCA 0
Shots On Target EVERY 2 1
Dribbles EVERY 2 1
Penalty Area Entries EVERY 2 1
Balls Lost EVERY 10 -1
Balls Recovered EVERY 5 1
Effective Clearances EVERY 3 1

What players from my team score Fantasy Points during the weekend?

Any players from your team that score points during the live game must be those that appear in the last line-up saved just before the start of the first game in the fixture.

LaLiga Fantasy MARCA reminds its users through push notifications when is the deadline to confirm line-up.

To activate your line-up access the 'Team' and the section ‘Line-Up’ to save your starting squad.

Attention! Remember that to score Fantasy Points during a fixture you must start it with positive balance and 11 players on your line-up.

What prizes can I win in LaLiga Fantasy MARCA?

LaLiga Fantasy MARCA plans to launch a series of global competitions whose winner will benefit from exclusive prizes. Stay tuned for news of Sponsored Leagues.

Can I participate in any public leagues I want?

No, you can only participate in one standard public league and one public league of each sponsor. The reason is to avoid cheating and ensure that no manager goes in and out of leagues because he is not against his chosen team. In this way it is we do not have inactive users in public leagues that might prejudice the rest of the managers.

Who wins a fixture or competition in case of a tie in Fantasy Points?

The first criteria in the case of a tiebreaker between two users with the same number of points, will be the one with the smaller budget. In the case of having the same budget, we will take into account the value of the line-up.

Can I see my team score in real time?

Yes, it is one of the biggest features of LaLiga Fantasy MARCA; the function that allows the user follow live every match of Liga Santander.

Access the category TEAM and you will see a tab called SCORING, from there you can follow the performance of each footballer in real time. Check out how each goal, assistance, card received and other incidents become Fantasy Points within minutes.

Moreover, from the SQUAD section you can track the score record of a player to see if he is on a roll or going through a dip in form.

Finally, compare your Fantasy Points live with your rivals by accessing your line-up from the TABLE menu (Click on usernames to see).

How does the transfer market in LaLiga Fantasy MARCA works?

The competition refreshes the market with 8 new players constantly. During that time, all users in a league can make their bids for these players if they are interested in signing them. After that time, the person with the highest bid will be have the player. If there are no bids for the player, he is removed from the market.

Moreover, users can set transferable players from their squad. These appear in the section MARKET and the rest of the users can bid on them.

Transferable players who belong to a user of the competition will have a maximum time of 7 days in the market. However the owner has the final word on accepting or rejecting offers that come to him as part of the league and its competitors.

Remember that the competition itself can make automatic bids for players who are put on sale. The price of these offerings is a random number between the market value and 10% lower. This is because it is assumed that if you want to sell a player is by necessity and you are willing to lose money.

Offers between users or offers for a player that is in the MARKET and doesn’t belong to any user yet should always be an amount equal or higher than the market value of the player.

In case there is tie between multiple users in the bid for a player, the one who made the bid first will win.

What is the immediate sale of a player in my squad?

It is the sale of a player of your squad by 50% of its market value. The transaction is processed immediately and the player becomes part of the transferable stock players that the league can put on the market in any moment.

How is the market value of the players calculated?

The market value is calculated based on demand by users on the market and their price fluctuates based on completed operations.

Can I stay with a negative balance in my budget?

The debt limit is 20% of the value of your squad. Thus, the maximum bid you can make for a player is all the money you have in the budget plus a 20% deficit. Remember that if you are in the red before fixture starts your team will not score.

Can I sign any player?

You can sign any player who is on the market and for whom you have bid. You can also bid for players of your opponent’s squad, even if they have not been declared transferable.

If a player you want is not on the market, nor does it belong to any of your rivals’ line ups, he will appear soon in the MARKET.

Can I play with any strategic framework?

LaLiga Fantasy MARCA allows you to play with the common tactics in international football. So you can set your line-up based on the following team formations:

Can I sell a player in the middle of a fixture?

Yes. Either is on the bench or the starting line-up, the transfer market never sleeps.

If you opt for the immediate sale of a player that you have in a confirmed line-up and has not yet played a match but fixture has started, you will score his Fantasy Points.

If you opt for the immediate sale of a player that you have in a confirmed line-up that has already played a match, you will not lose the points you have earned.

If you set a player up for sale that you have in the confirmed line-up and complete the transaction before he plays his match, you will also get his Fantasy Points if the fixture is already started.

If you set a player up for sale that you have in your line-up and complete the transaction after he plays the game, you will not lose the Fantasy Points earned.

If the fixture has started, immediate sales or any other form of transfer will not affect your score or your rivals score. New players will be available for the line-up in next fixture.

How to report a player in my league?

If you have suspicions that you are dealing with a fraudulent player you can report him for elimination.

We ask for a message explaining why he has cheated and proof of it. Once you've confirmed this, a private notification will arrive to the user and he will appear as a player reported in the competition.

The other managers in the competition will see the reported manager, the manager who reported him, the number of votes he has to date and how many he needs to be expelled. They can then confirm or reject the complaint.

In order to expel someone, a manager must have absolute majority (more than 50% of the votes of the managers that make up the league).

Only the managers who are already in the league in that moment can vote, not those who join later. The vote cannot be changed. The complaint will have a deadline resolution of 7 days.

Can I enter LaLiga Fantasy MARCA with my old account of Liga Fantástica MARCA?

Sorry, you have to create a new account and register again. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, test it with another email address because you may have problems receiving emails.

I can’t register or log in with Facebook

If you can’t register or log in with Facebook it is because your Facebook account does not allow applications to use your email. You have to change this settings because we need an email address to register.

How to remove or leave a Public or Private league?

To delete a league in My Leagues, you need to press the abandon button on the top right corner, where you can delete the leagues you are not interested in. But remember that if you leave a public league, you can not join another Public League from the same sponsor (to prevent cheating). In the event that you abandon a Private League you can not re-enter that league again because you would enter with advantage or different conditions than the other players.

What happens if I abandon a public league and can not re-enter a public league?

If you leave a public league, you are no longer able to participate in another league of the same sponsor, and we do that to avoid getting in and out in leagues and playing with advantages, bothering other users, etc.

In that case you could play in a public league from another sponsor or participate in private leagues with friends. It is very easy to create such leagues and you can invite them to play with you by Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, eMail, or SMS.

What will happen with previous game Liga Fantástica MARCA?

LaLiga Fantasy MARCA is LaLiga Santander official game, which replaces Liga Fantástica MARCA.

We recommend you to enjoy a new way of playing Fantasy games with the official LaLiga game and its objective scores in real time.

How to create my team in order to start playing?

To start playing, you have to join a Private League with friends (that you have created or you have been invited) or a Public League from the sponsors.

Begin the league with 100 million of budget and 14 random players, and from there you can work your team on and off the field!

You can sign new players and sell the dispensable ones, and set starting line-up for the weekend games!

Why I can not bid for a player?

If you are not allowed to bid in the system is because:

  • You have exceeded the limit of allowed indebtedness
  • The offers that you have made overcome the limit of 24 players allowed

What it means to be in the red or have a negative balance?

Your budget can be seen in the Market section and on other screens, see the figure on the top right corner.

However you can sometimes overcome this budget on certain occasions by going into debt and therefore entering the red numbers.

If this happens you have to be very careful because if you begin a match you will not score unless you are in positive budget.

What is the debt limit allowed?

You can go into debt up to 20% of the value of your team plus your available budget.

For instance:

  • You start with a Budget of 100 Million Euros
  • Your team’s value is 50 Million Euros (therefore 20% of 50 Millions are 10 millions)

- So the most you could spend is 110M

How can I change the language of the application?

In web you can set the language of the game in the footer.

On your mobile device the application is automatically configured with the currently selected language in your operating system by default. If you would like to change that language you could set your device to the language you prefer.

What if a player is sold in real life to a different league and go abroad?

In that case we recommend you to sell the player to LaLiga as soon as possible (no need for immediate sale because you will lose money), because the player will devalue very fast because no one will want to sign him.

How to expel a user who is cheating or behaving incorrectly?

You can expel him by entering TABLE section, reporting the player and getting the agreement of most members. But remember that we can not get to arbitrate expulsions and you have to agree among the other members.

How I can see the bids of other users? Why bids are hidden?

The bids are hidden to give to the signing strategy more emotion. If you could see other bids, it will tricky to sign a player by just entering the MARKET in the last moment and bidding more money.

What is the deadline to save the alignment for a fixture?

Until just before starting the first game of the fixture, but please take your time so you do not have problems with it.

But remember that if you have negative balance or a hole in your lineup, you won’t score that day!

Do you have more questions?

You can contact us on laligafantasymarca@play.laliga.es and resolve all your questions.